Realty Pitch Executive Level – Leads to Deals

Executive Level – Leads to Deals

Lead management is everything.  In order to succeed in Real Estate you need a robust way to not only manage your leads, but totally integrate engagement, follow-up and execution.  When you get leads from Realty Pitch, they are auto populated into one central place.  It flags the lead new until you start working them.  The CRM gives you every bit of information you need.  Every property they looked at, searched for, favorited.  Every communication you have made with them.  Keeps track of your follow up, our progress.  Every tool you need to be on the path of success. 

When the lead auto populates it reminds you that the lead is new and you need to do something with it.  It tracks the type of lead, the timetable, the level of urgency.  It allows you to text from anywhere and email from anywhere.  Where ever you communicate with them it populates the activities file.  Giving you a total progress on the lead.  

Getting leads is very important.  Managing them gets you across the goal line.  

Joining the Executive Level Membership, you get a great Lead management program.  Let me tease you with one example.  The Executive Level and the CRM initiate an automatic “GET ENGAGEMENT” campaign.  It sends texts and emails to get them to respond.  The moment they do, the program stops and notifies you that your customer has engaged.  Are they the 1-10?  Maybe not, but there is a good chance they are.

Remember  the Active leads are 1-10.  Your immediate business will come from those.  The bulk of your business should come from the 3-10 Nurturing leads.  These are people who do not make direct contact but start searching for property daily, and even favorite the ones they love.  Imagine being able to see what they like.  Every step of the way you are learning more and more about their needs and desires.  It is no brainer to call them and say.”Mrs Smith I noticed you have enjoyed are search function and have favorited 123 Main Street. Would you like to see it?”